The current theme for all you sketchbookers is PORTRAITS! Drawing faces is hard but a great way to improve your skills. In the video we draw ourselves as avatars.

On the site you’ll be able to find lots of information and inspiration relating to our PORTRAIT theme, we’ve got some great artists contributing their wisdom, and a good run down of what artists you should be following if you want to get stuck in and draw aaaaaaaaaaall the people!

A creative approach to planning

This weeks theme is life planning! As a very disorganised individual, this is challenging and slightly intimidating. If you watched this weeks sketchbook club online video, you saw us trying our hands at scribing with our special guest Bethan, who is a hugely talented illustrator and scribing extraordinaire. If you aren’t sure of what scribing

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Designing temporary Tattoos!

If the idea if getting a permanent tattoo makes you feel squeamish, but you still want to express yourself with body art, the resurgence of temporary tattoos is in your favour. The great thing is that today’s temporary tattoos are a bit more stylish and longer lasting than the free temp tattoos you’d receive in

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A look at the horror inspired portraits of Blake Neubert

Spooky paintings warning! These painting are fairly creepy, so if you’re easily spooked you might not want to read further. If there’s one artist who can paint beautifully executed portraiture depicting twisted flesh and eerie subjects; it’s Blake Neubert. You might have seen his ‘scrape-off’ work, where he uses a tool to scrape off the

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My favourite ways to use watercolour (with tips!)

My very first success with using watercolour paint happened when I won an art competition in primary school, I painted a sunset with a small sail boat on the sea. I’ve moved on a bit from painting badly drawn boats and now mainly focus on plants or weird looking faces. Out of all the mediums

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An obsession with painting faces

I would never say I’m skilled at portraiture; but it’s something I end up coming back to time and time again with my artwork. There’s an element of frustration that goes into painting faces; because one wonky eye or odd nose placement sends the viewer to uncanny valley territory. Because of my lack of skill

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You’ve watched the videos, you want to join in, but you’re faced with the IMPOSSIBLE TASK of choosing a sketchbook. We know, we’ve been there. It’s taken all of us a long time to find our ride or die sketchbooks so here’s a little run down of our favourites, and what to look for based

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Sensory box alternatives!

Sensory Boxes are a great tool for when you’re feeling anxious or stressed out. Each item in the box can represent each sense, to help you feel grounded and focused on something other than the worry you might be feeling. But what if you’re in a situation where you don’t have access to these tools,

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How to Catch People In the Wild without getting Caught (A guide to Urban Sketching from Yen Quach)

So references are important huh? And if you live in a city (or anywhere that has people to be honest) you have access to a whole heap of references just walking around ready to be drawn! But it can be tough to know how to start, and a little intimidating drawing people out ‘in the

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Future Plans: Post-Uni Tips for an Illustrator

Leaving uni and starting out as an illustrator is both exciting and tough. Whilst it can seem daunting to leave a place where there’s structure and set objectives, and be launched out into the open, it’s extremely fun to begin to make a career out of something that you love to do.   Having a structure

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