A creative approach to planning

By: Helen

This weeks theme is life planning! As a very disorganised individual, this is challenging and slightly intimidating. If you watched this weeks sketchbook club online video, you saw us trying our hands at scribing with our special guest Bethan, who is a hugely talented illustrator and scribing extraordinaire. If you aren’t sure of what scribing is; it’s a bit like illustrative note taking, or an elaborate mind map full of drawings and text; sometimes used during meetings or events to capture topics in a creative and engaging way.

Our scribing attempts revolved around the topic of a three year plan. It’s difficult to imagine what you’ll be doing in three days time let alone three years! If the thought of scribing as a form of planning intimates you; do not fear. There are plenty of ways to plan things in a fun and creative way.
Firstly- you don’t need to plan out your entire existence, you can start off by planning an upcoming week. This is helpful, especially if you tend to feel anxious and swamped (like I do) or if you also forget to check your diary (also like I do). A weeks worth of planning on a single sheet of paper that you’ve decorated and designed yourself might inspire you to check it more.
I decided to make myself a weeks planner, and it was really simple and far more interesting than jotting down notes in my neglected diary.

Firstly I got myself an A4 piece of watercolour paper, which I divided up into sections using a pencil and ruler.

I used watercolour paper for a reason! I wanted to paint my planner’s background using my favourite medium. I wet the paper first with water and added some washes of colour.

Next up I defined the grid lines with some splotchy purple watercolour.

instead of writing the individual days with pen, I decided to paint them on instead. Painting text is a real downfall of mine but I thought it’d be fun to try anyway. I kept an extra square for notes in case I’m reminded of something and ran out of space on a specific day.

Now all I need to do is write down my plans for the upcoming week!

These types of planners are good to display in a prevalent place; stick them on your wall, tape them to your desk- just make sure they’re visible so you’re not tempted to ignore them. If you enjoy painting or drawing, you can make a new planner for every week, it makes keeping track of things slightly more interesting. Or you could just make one if you have a particularly stressful and busy week ahead of you. Bullet point your plans into easily readable chunks, and tick off every task you complete.
If you decide to make your own personal planner then please show us what you create! Make them as elaborate or simple as you like.


Smile :)
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