A look at the horror inspired portraits of Blake Neubert

By: Helen

Spooky paintings warning! These painting are fairly creepy, so if you’re easily spooked you might not want to read further.

If there’s one artist who can paint beautifully executed portraiture depicting twisted flesh and eerie subjects; it’s Blake Neubert. You might have seen his ‘scrape-off’ work, where he uses a tool to scrape off the top layer of a freshly painted portrait to reveal a horrifying image underneath. It makes for some disturbing viewing- but it’s also oddly captivating.

‘Just a few finishing touches… and OOUuuuch!!!!’

 Blake has a fresh and interesting approach to his use of mediums that I haven’t seen before. His youtube channel creates an interactive experience for the viewer, in which they can be both enthralled and horrified in what lies beneath that fresh layer.

Of course Blake’s work is not just limited to his ‘scrape-off’ paintings, his instagram and website is full of incredible pieces that evoke uncertainty and appreciation.


Blake’s work ranges from surreal faces with added gruesome details, to more realistic paintings. Even the more realistic work has an ‘off’ feeling to them- created by the use of sweeping brush work and non symmetrical features.

‘Stay pretty’

I’ve always been a fan of macabre or ‘disturbing’ art, drawing inspiration from the likes of Francis Bacon and Marlene Dumas during my college years, so when I found Blake’s work through Instagram a year or so ago I was instantly hooked. Although much of his work is centred around horror, a few pieces stand out as there’s a dark humour to them. Blake often paints images of cartoon characters and gives them a creepy edge.

‘Oh hi…’

If any of these paintings have inspired you, or if you have any comments about Blake’s work then please let us know! And if you’d like to keep up to date with his work, you can follow him on instagram @blakeneubert

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