Who are Sketchbook Club Online?

Lize: Lize Meddings is a sketchbook aficionado and official Sad Ghost. Since starting Sad Ghost Club she’s tried to encourage and support others to expand their creativity and harness it as a key self-care tool. Lize also really likes pretzels.

Nathan: Nathan’s super passion is character. He designs characters, loves to write short stories about these characters and hopes to begin making Zines that can one day be turned into TV shows! He creates worlds for those characters to exist, and tells stories about them. He’s specific, a little niche and super referential. His main gig is to encourage the courage to draw.

Helen: Helen studied fine art at university and has now delved into the world of illustration! She creates nature inspired paintings featuring spooky mushrooms, birds yelling about stuff and regular old plants. She hopes to continue making zines and develop her illustration style further.

Robbie: Robbie is a Bristol-based Illustrator who loves to create fun, colourful and joyful work through children’s activity spreads, editorial images and narrative projects. He also hopes to one day stop overthinking his ideas and stories, and eventually get round to making comics.

What do we do?

We’re a small creative collective who want to encourage creativity in everyone! Whether you’re a beginner or an established artist, we want to make a space where anyone can explore their creative side. We started SCBO by making weekly themed YouTube videos where we draw, chat and encourage viewers to draw along with us!
We decided to create the SBCO website to share our own artist inspirations, processes, tips and articles. We also welcome contributors to write their own articles to be shared on the site too.


Smile :)
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