Designing temporary Tattoos!

By: Helen

If the idea if getting a permanent tattoo makes you feel squeamish, but you still want to express yourself with body art, the resurgence of temporary tattoos is in your favour.
The great thing is that today’s temporary tattoos are a bit more stylish and longer lasting than the free temp tattoos you’d receive in a packet of bubble gum in the 90’s.
If you’re an illustrator who’s thinking about designing temporary tattoos to sell, or even just making them for fun, there are printing services such as Awesome Merchandise who can make your tattoo designs come to life.
When designing temporary tattoos, pretty much anything is possible, you can go full colour or traditional black and white. A key thing to remember though is having clean lines so the design isn’t lost on the skin.

Colour Temporary Tattoos

Sad ghost club temporary tattoos

Colour Temporary Tattoos

Although the designs are detailed, the lines are clean so you can easily read text and appreciate the art.
You can fit as many designs onto the sheet as you want, just make sure to leave some space around each tattoo so they’re easy to cut out when you want to apply them to your skin!
If you’re stuck for inspiration, I recommend filling a whole sketchbook page with idea sketches. They could range from you favourite animals, to plants or items of food.

For Lize’s process in designing The Sad Ghost Club tattoo sheet, she used watercolour to paint cute illustrations and then went over the top with fine liner pen to add some detail.
If you aren’t a fan of using watercolours, gouache is a great alternative as it’s water based, but more opaque and creates nice block colours.

temporary bunny tattoos by helloharriet.comBunny temporary temporary tattoos by Hello Harriet

These adorable bunny tatts from feature a more traditional black and white tattoo style, and although they are beautifully drawn and detailed, they’re quite clean and minimal when applied to the skin. You can achieve this style by drawing your designs in pencil and going over the top with a fine liner pen. Or if you’re feeling ~wild~ you could just use a fine liner on it’s own. Build up details and textures using small lines to create shade. You could even draw an entire design with dots as that makes for some really beautiful effects.

17966962_613837588825249_8139440501914168170_o.jpgBunny temporary temporary tattoos by Hello Harriet

So why not go ahead and design some temporary tattoos yourself? We’d love to see what ideas you come up with! You can submit your artwork to our gallery page for the chance to get featured.

 – Helen

Smile :)
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