How to Catch People In the Wild without getting Caught (A guide to Urban Sketching from Yen Quach)

By: Yen Quach

So references are important huh? And if you live in a city (or anywhere that has people to be honest) you have access to a whole heap of references just walking around ready to be drawn! But it can be tough to know how to start, and a little intimidating drawing people out ‘in the wild’.

If you’ve been itching to go out and draw but haven’t been sure what tools you’ll need, or how best to draw ‘without getting caught’ then you’re in luck! The wonderful @Yendraws has compiled this handy guide just for you!



So Yen recommends a small sketchbook as it’s ‘more discreet’

and one with hardcover and a pocket is best!

You can start your sketching adventure anywhere, Yen’s travels take her

through public transport any beyond! You can sketch in coffee shops, parks, on the bus, anywhere you fancy!


We hope that provides the push you might need to get out there and get sketching! Remember these things are always scary the first time, but no one knows that you’re not a professional, y’know?

Thanks so much to Yen for this guide!

Find her website here

Find her instagram here

All artwork © Yen Quach

Smile :)
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